Do you want to know how to cure a yeast infection? Yeast infection is commonly called “candidiasis” which is a fungal infection that ranges from superficial to systematic and potentially life-threatening disease. Yeast is small organisms that are found on our bodies in different places. Yeast infection is often unpleasant and embarrassing. It has been plaguing not only women but also men and even children.

how to cure a yeast infection

Yeast infections can occur in any place that is moist, dark and has little to no airflow. These places include the intestines, the genital area (especially in women), the mouth (most commonly in infants though other can get it there when infections located elsewhere on the body are not treated soon enough) and the skin surfaces. Some infections can even be systemic, meaning throughout the entire body, though this usually happens due to an untreated, localized infection.

Yeast infections causes:

Lower immune system – people suffering illnesses that lower immunity are also prone to this infection. People with common colds and HIV/AIDS tend to get infected with candidiasis because their internal defenses are weak and cannot keep the fungus in check.

Hormonal Changes – hormonal changes will cause yeast infections and this can occur due to pregnancy. There is nothing much you can do while you are pregnant apart from treating with a safe cure and waiting for your pregnancy period to be over. Periods will see women have very many hormonal imbalances and yeast may develop.

Douches – frequent douching can trigger the growth of yeast in the vaginal area because the acidity level in that part is lowered thus allowing yeast to thrive.

Wearing non-cotton, tight, or dirty underwear – this is what causes yeast infections in a lot of women. Underwear made of synthetic fiber traps moisture in the intimate area encouraging yeast to grow. Not changing from wet swimsuits can also cause the infection.

Diabetes – when the sugar level in a person’s blood and urine increases, so does yeast. Yeast feeds on sugar so it is just normal for a person with unbalanced diabetes to be prone to candidiasis.

Antibiotics – the prolonged use of antibiotics tend to lower the number of good bacteria that inhibits the growth of yeast or fungus in the body. When the number of good bacteria in the body is reduced, the fungus takes the opportunity to multiply rapidly making the person more prone to candidiasis infections.

Yeast infection symptoms:

Burning sensation

One of the more common infection symptoms is a burning sensation. You will get this feeling in or around where your infection is located. This sensation can be easily cured with a natural cure for yeast infections.


Another common symptom is itchiness. This too is located on or around the yeast infection. Some people may even get itchy on their legs. This is another symptom that can be cured with a natural treatment made specifically for this type of infections.


Didn’t you see this one coming? Depression, believe it or not, is another symptom of this infection. After all, if something was bothering you and making you feel uncomfortable, wouldn’t that you make you depressed? It certainly would make me depressed.

Painful urination

Since your infection is located near your vagina or penis, this can cause some painful sensations when you urinate.

Yeast infection types:

Penile infection

This type of infection can be very painful for men. Typically men get this infection when their partners have a vaginal infection and pass it on through sexual intercourse.

Vaginal infection

This is the common infection in women. It causes itching, burning sensations and vaginal discharge. It can be quite painful.

Skin yeast infection

This type of infection is when rashes appear on your groin, under your arms, the lower abdomen and under the breasts.

Oral yeast infection

This is when there are white patches seen in your mouth in places such as your tongue, gums, cheeks, etc. This type of infection can be painful and may be hard to swallow.

How To Cure A Yeast Infection?

Natural cures are becoming increasingly popular with people who want to know how to cure a yeast infection. The reason for this is simple, they work. A good natural cure for yeast infections will not only treat the symptoms, but it will treat the root cause of your problem. A good natural cure will also have preventive measures to follow to stop your infection from returning. This is very important because many people who suffer from yeast infections often have repeat episodes. A good natural cure will stop this vicious cycle. Some of the best natural cures are:


Drink at least six to eight glasses of water daily to reduce your likelihood of getting a candida. By drinking water frequently and urinating frequently, you are able to flush out the sugars and other toxins that feed the yeast.


Good bacteria found in plain yogurt will fight with bad yeast. You can eat yogurt and also apply infected area to cure yeast infection


Garlic is the best natural remedy on how to cure yeast infection. It is able to provide instant relief simply by inserting garlic clove into the vagina every few hours so that you will get some relief.


Do not apply apple cider vinegar directly on the skin. It can be very strong and it will kill the yeast but you may feel burning sensation. The best way to apply is to add a cup of apple cider vinegar and pour it into bath water. Take a nice hot bath, and this will provide you a relief.

Cranberry juice

This is one of the excellent natural cures to prevent and treat the infection. Basically it contains chemicals which prevent the yeast from multiplying in large numbers and stay in your vaginal tract. Once this happens the yeast will be eventually eliminated and your infection too will disappear. Drink 2-3 glasses of fresh cranberry juice for best results. Do not go in for the canned variety.

how to cure a yeast infection naturally

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